Comfort, Grace & Peace.

"Partnerships work if people are prepared to work hard and not be bothered about who gets the credit"

Born out of the alliance of three strong business houses - The Khivraj Group, The Space Group, The MK Group and The Dhoot Group, Olympia Group is considered as one of the leaders in Chennai's growing real estate market, having made a mark with its diverse development portfolio spanning across Residential, Commercial and Industrial Developments. Recognized as an eco-friendly developer with its first project Olympia Technology Park being granted the status of the "Largest LEED Gold rated Green Building in the World"

Me and my kid enjoyed the tour of Opaline Sequel grounds. My kid even spent some time in the play area with other kids. The Opaline community is truly warm and welcoming

The apartments are spacious and airy with a breath- taking view. The service at Club Opal is exemplary. The facilities are the best I've seen in Chennai.