About Us

The Chennai-based Khivraj Group is a renowned establishment with over five decades of successful business history spanning various industries such as Real Estate, Automobile, Retail and Wind Power Generation. The Khivraj Group continues its voyage of excellence, steered by its Director Mr. Ajit Kumar Chordia. The Space Group, The MK Group and The Dhoot Group from Kolkata have an impressive track record of large-scale property development in several sectors of Real Estate - MSB Residential Apartments, Clubhouses and Shopping Malls among others. The Space Group, led by its Director Mr. Piyush Kumar Bhagat, is one of Kolkata's largest real estate developers with rich experience of over two decades in the construction industry. While, the MK Group led by its Director Mr. Chandrakant Kankaria is a highly reputed 75-year-old business group engaged in Commercial/Residential Property Development, Chemical Manufacture, International Trading of Paints & Chemicals in addition to owning multiple Cinema Houses across Kolkata. The Dhoot Group led by its Director Mr.Pawan Dhoot has grown into a large business conglomerate with true pan India presence, with his hard work, determination and dedication nurtured over the years. Together, they have brought in commendable expertise and refined experience to synergize the efforts of the Khivraj Group. Olympia Group, through various subsidiaries in Chennai, Kolkata and Bengaluru, is involved in lot of developmental activity as part of its growth strategy.

Mission , Vision, Values


“To be the most successful people-oriented real estate firm in India incorporating proven, professional state-of -the techniques in the development of green buildings, luxury homes, residential communities & land by continually striving to provide top quality products & Services, commercial & investment opportunities for our clients and customers. We are passionately committed to exceeding excellence and to the biggest levels of customer experience“


“Transparency, Quality life style, On time delivery & beyond just ' building“


“Transparency, Quality life style, On time delivery & beyond just ' building“



Ajit Chordia

Chandrakant Kankaria

Pawan Dhoot

Piyush Kumar Bhagat