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Ever dream of living in the perfect home? Olympia Plus will make that a reality! We offer complete living solutions for both home seekers and home owners. Need an affordable home loan? Love decorating your home interiors? Want your home to look neat and tidy? Throughout your home buying journey, Olympia Plus will be there for you.

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Rental & Leasing Solutions

Olympia Plus has a team of Rental & Leasing experts who, with their in-depth knowledge of the local market, will provide you with quality solutions on finding the right tenant or searching for the perfect home.

Home Owners Solutions

Finding tenants that share the love of your home

Renting out a Olympia property is a definite way of earning cash while you sleep. We help you find the right tenant and ensure that you get every rupee of your property’s worth.

Home Seekers Solutions

Because your address says a lot about you.

Olympia homes are for the people who believe in complete living. Our homes are beautifully designed and tick all the right boxes on your “must have” list.

Home Interiors

Olympia plus

We helped you buy the right house, now let us help you make it a home.

Olympia Plus’s home interior solutions can help make your home a party place or a relaxing space; whatever suits your needs.

Home Loans

The best financing deals on the best homes.

If you’ve fallen in love with Olympia homes, you’ll be super-happy with the easily accessible and highly affordable home loan schemes from Olympia Plus.

Olympia group

Home Insurance


It’s a good cover that keeps a roof over your head.

Security is of utmost importance with every property built under the Olympia name. We value your safety as much as you value your personal belongings.

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We provide the best in class services to our residents.

Premium services just to make your living more luxurious.
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